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NightBarcelona 7º aniversario

7º Aniversario del NightBarcelona. Una noche de lo más divertida. Ante todo agradecer a Joan y David de NightBarcelona por su confianza y su trato, a mi compañero Carlos Fontana, a Atzur por este magnifico reportaje (La Britney picture me encanta!) y a todos los asistentes que se estuvieron con nosotros. Hasta el año que que viene o antes… quién sabe.

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There wasn’t a single place in Barcelona hotter than that room. Despite of all the protesting voices breaking into the apartment, coming from street protests about which no one knew, Josh and Johan could smell the danger from way closer.

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Got Milk

For starters we have blue-eyed, bad-boy Josh Milk who makes his MenAtPlay debut, and you’ve never seen him so slick and preppy, in his perfect white shirt, tie and blazer.

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Eat, Pray, Fuck

Rocco Steele needs some time to himself, so he embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Shortly after settling in he gets a call from Josh Milk saying that he has found his bag.

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