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Spanish Milk – Behind The Scenes

Spanish Milk – Behind The Scenes

It was about time the UKHJ team got out of rainy old England and onto sunnier pastures. Though true British traditional irony, we were met with our own troubles! March in Spain isn’t their hottest month, in fact it’s just coming out of their short but surprisingly cold winters! Though it was just warm enough for us to shoot a spectacular all-outdoor movie! We picked some beautiful spots, some beautiful boys and made some scorching hot scenes, in spite of the temperature! We all stayed in a big house in extremely rural southern Spain. When I say rural, it was about 2.5hrs drive from the nearest airport, so a 5hr round trip every time someone needed picking up or dropping off! Logistically it was gruelling but the results speak for themselves. This behind the scenes feature shows how relaxed but strong in vision our directors Sam and JP are. We’re very relaxed and easy to work with, being models ourselves, we’re just one of the boys and never really feel like we ask the guys to do too much. However we know exactly what we need to make our guys look exceptional and the best they can be, We’ve always been model focussed, about time a porn studio was! Laughs, tumbles, spills, spurts and tones of personality, come behind the scenes with UKHotJocks, you’ll feel like you’re just one of the guys!

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