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Josh Milk and Timmy Treasure

We find Spanish studs and longtime friends, Timmy and Josh sitting on the sofa kissing each other’s face and eagerly pulling off each other shirts. As they continue to kiss Timmy’s hands reach into Josh’s jeans to find a rather large surprise. Josh undoes his jeans and as they slip to the floor Timmy slips over and swallows Josh’s cock whole. As he sucks Josh’s cock, Timmy slips his hand into his own jeans and starts playing with his own cock in anticipation of Josh getting ahold of it. As Timmy’s jeans slide to the floor, Josh’s mouth swallows Timmy’s swelling cock. After some pretty hot mutual cock sucking Timmy climbs on top of Josh and proceeds to sit down on his rock hard dick. Once he’s on that cock, Timmy starts riding up and down, faster and faster. After a few minutes of intense riding Timmy kneels up on the sofa with his ass pointed directly at Josh. Josh stands up and mounts Timmy, shoving his cock deep into Timmy’s ass one more time. Of course, the pounding starts all over again and it’s really apparent that Timmy is enjoying every inch. Ready for some release, Timmy rolls over on the sofa with his legs in the air and Josh comes in for his sweet, tight ass. As Josh continues to pound, Timmy grabs his cock and starts stroking and with an intense burst of energy he squirts his creamy jizz all over his hand and stomach. Not to be outdone, Josh pulls out of Timmy’s ass and blows his load all over Timmy’s cock and stomach.

Must see

Eat, Pray, Fuck

Rocco Steele needs some time to himself, so he embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Shortly after settling in he gets a call from Josh Milk saying that he has found his bag.

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